Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hot Potato

Dave now teaches the kids who are 3 years old in primary, and I get to help him when his partner is out of town. Last time I helped, they played 'hot potato' with a crayon box, Dave would put on a primary song and when it stopped, whoever had the 'hot potato' would answer a question about the lesson. The questions were like 'what is something you use water for?' "drink!' 'brushing your teeth!', the kids really enjoyed it. I however vowed to make something better then a crayon box for the 'potato' for next time.

And here he is! I had Dave draw the outline of what he wanted the potato shape to be and then I just cut it out of felt, I enjoyed using the felt because it is easy to hand stitch. He is not perfect but I wasn't going for perfect, I wanted him to be a little quirky (success!)  

I filled him with rice so he would have a little weight to him for when the kids tossed him around, he is about 5" tall (so not too tiny) I also added a tie, he is in church after all... The whole thing took me maybe two hours and I'm very happy with how he turned out :)