Sunday, September 18, 2011

No I'm Not, I Know You Were Wondering

During certain times in my life when I was younger, I didn't get new clothes very often and when we would go clothes shopping (my Mom, sisters and I) there was usually a very strict budget. During these trips I would often get the bare minimum, so that my sisters would be able to get things that they liked. Now I'm not complaining but rather trying to give you an insight, because I didn't have many things, I would NEVER  throw away clothes. It might fit badly, have a weird stain or some other such thing, but I would fold my old things nicely and put it under my bed, just in case. Many times I would find a use for it later, maybe use it as an undershirt, add something to the bottom of a old pair of jeans to make them longer, or 'take in' a shirt to make it fit, but I couldn't get rid of them, I just didn't know when I would need them. If an article of clothing was in really bad shape, I would throw it out but it was hard thing to do : ) . This habit has stayed with me, not nearly as much but I do currently have a plastic container under my bed with clothes I can't seem to part with... So recently I decided to do something about it, and started looking up things to do with all my old clothes and that is when I found the wonderful world of repurposing blogs!

There are a lot of really good ideas out there, I was drawn to the ones that gave me ideas for my smaller items (like a small shirt) because I have a lot of them that I need to use. But because there is not a lot of material in a shirt like that, it had to be something small.

 And so I give you- 

 Baby pants!


I forgot to take pictures of my shirts beforehand : ( but they were just normal smallish t-shirts. Each pair took me less then an hour and they were super easy, not to mention cheep! I didn't mind cutting up my shirts because they have turned into something more 'useful' (a pair of working pants vs. a shirt I'm not going to wear because of a busted up collar or some other such thing) I didn't make a tutorial but I got the idea for them here- the youtube video is helpful And this link helps with some of the details (like elastic length)

And in case you were wondering look at the title of this post     

Friday, June 24, 2011

One Year Older

Dave turns 26 today!

I am so lucky to have him as my husband and best friend. We have been married for 4 years and I have been so blessed to call him my husband, he brings so much joy and happiness to my life, I can't imagine (nor would I want to) what my life would be like without him! He is funny, goofy, thoughtful and sweet, he is so smart, humble, and just amazing. He makes my life so much better, I know this is mushy so I won't keep going but I wanted to wish my wonderful husband a
Happy Birthday