Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Injured Cookies

Before Christmas I started doing my usual holiday baking, one night Chantel (my younger sister) came over to help me decorate cookies. I had made gingerbread cookies and I thought it would be fun to have some help, I wanted them... Extra creative.

Chantel was a big help and made some of the more 'unusual' faces... You see these we no normal gingerbread cookies and they needed anything but normal expressions.

If you hadn't noticed yet, the cookies are missing something... I got these awesome cookie cutters last year from my sisters, Helena and Chantel. There we three different molds and each one looked like a bite had been taken out of it, either its head, arm or leg!

It was a lot of fun trying to come up with different designs for all the cookies, Dave even came and helped when he found out how much fun we were having.

We took turns with the royal icing so we each had time to come up the next idea we were going to use. It ended up being so much fun and creatively challenging! I can't wait until next year!