Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crib Skirt.

Both Chantel and Helena have been trying to find ways to make their nurseries extra cute and give some personality to the room. A colorful way is to add a crib bumper but those are a suffocation hazard and it is recommended that you don't use them, so back to square one... And then I saw this cute tutorial on making a crib skirt and just like that, we had the perfect thing for the room!

Chantel loved the idea of having pleats, she already had some brown curtains in the room and I had some leftover striped fabric for the chair, so the colors were all set. (the blue in the middle is hidden under the mattress and is just a scrap piece holding everything together)  

I was trying to do everything for as cheap as possible, so I went to target and checked out their curtain section. Luck was on my side, they had the same brown curtain that Chantel had in the widow and they were on sale too! $4 later I had everything I needed :)   

The tutorial was pretty good and fairly easy to follow. I didn't line the skirt (like they suggest) and I think it still turned out fine, I also made the skirt shorter then the tutorial says to, Chantel's crib had slightly diffrent dimensions (so make sure to measure the crib before you start!!)  

It turned out really cute and went very well in the nursery. It is great to add color, style and also hide all that storage space! When Helena comes out in May for her Utah baby shower, I am going to make one for her to take back with her! 


Pink Panda said...

so cute! I made a white eyelet one for Elizabeth and threaded pink ribbon through it- that way if the next one was a boy, I could do blue ribbon. Of course, they were twins so I did two new different ones. Love the pleats and matching fabric!

Amy said...

Ditto--love the pleats! Gorgeous! Hmmm...is Chantel having a boy? Tell me tell me! You are the best auntie ever.

Larissa said...

Cute!!! Getting your skills on!!!

Helena said...

I love how this turned out! You rock.

Chantel said...

I love it! It looks so good :-) I feel so spoiled

Here Dwells Happiness said...

Darling! You are crazy talented.