Monday, February 20, 2012

So Ugly (Part Two)

After I finished all the painting on Chantel's chair, I got started on the sewing! I was super excited to get rid of that ugly material and replace it with something MUCH better! 

My next step was to find a good fabric, I went to three stores but I finally found something that I could use, it was on sale, worked for either gender and was cute, It fit all my criteria!  

I was using the existing fabric as a pattern so I started carefully ripping out all the seams, after about an hour I stopped being quite so careful and just had at it... but it still turned out fine!

The naked foam, just waiting to become beautiful!

I laid out all my fabric (admired it) and then got ready to cut it up.

I carefully pinned all the old pieces of fabric on, making sure that everything would fit and that the stripes were lined up, then I cut them out!

All my nicely cut pieces, folded and stacked just waiting to be sewn!

The sewing was fairly easy it didn't take very long at all and was very straightforward, I love to sew so I could have done with a little more of it!

The only 'tricky' part was adding the ties for the cushions. It wasn't hard, it just took some thought. I took the shoelace (what I used for the tie) and stitched it onto the chair fabric (only one piece of it) and then  pinned the other piece of the chair fabric together to sew them together like normal. Before I started sewing I flipped the shoelaces down in-between the two pieces of material so that they would be on the outside when I flipped the cover right-side out... 

So it ended up looking like this, sorry that might have been confusing I know all of my 'technical' terms  probably made those steps hard to follow... 

I then pressed all my seams (the key to making something look like it wasn't homemade!)

Now the new covers were ready to be put on, I couldn't wait to see what they looked like! Okay so you are probably wondering what the finished product looks like (and thinking 'man I already read two of your blog posts, just show me already!!') but there really are too many pictures and steps to just make this into one or even two posts, but you will see it all completed soon! 


Amy said...

Yay! Amber's sewing magic! I can't wait to see the final product! When does Chantel find out what she's having?

Amber said...

I had fun sewing (one could even say it was magical). Chantel finds out in a week (next Monday!) we are all very excited and even have a poll going for our gender predictions :)

Chantel said...

i love the fabric! I'm glad i didn't try this endeavor, because i would not have been as careful