Thursday, February 23, 2012

So Ugly (Part 3)

I'm almost sad posting this last entry about Chantel's chair, I feel as if I'm truly done with it now that I show you the finished product (even though I have already given the chair to Chantel...) and for some reason that is a little sad. But luckily I'm working on a ton of other baby related protects, as some of you may know my sister Helena is also pregnant! So I have a lot of ideas of things to make for the two new babies coming to the family! 

Because the back of the chair had some indents, I decided to work with them instead of trying to cover them up. After I slipped the cover on, I sewed through the material and foam so the fabric would contour to the existing shape of the chair back.

I then tried, for the first time, to make Cover Buttons! It was actually kind of fun and they turned out really cute.

Cover Buttons are just two pieces of metal that you can add fabric to, it comes with a little plastic thing that stretches the fabric over the metal making your own custom buttons!  

I then added my super cute buttons onto the back of the chair. Isn't that adorable? I then trimmed the excess  fabric and then hand stitched the bottom of the cover onto the foam back.

The last step was to Scotch Guarded the fabric, so it would stand up a little batter to wear!

Drum roll please.....  

Isn't it beautiful!? Well I think it is and so does Chantel! I brought it over to her a few weeks ago and just recently helped her set up the baby's room and I must say, this looks a whole lot better then it originally did and goes much better with their white nursery decor!

I thought I would do a side by side comparison, that way you can really appreciate how much the chair has changed!    

It took me many hours and a few blog posts (One Two and Three!) but I think it came together quite nicely!


Kelsy said...

Wow! Sweet makeover. I'm quite impressed Amber!

Larissa said...

Great job - I am sure after your two sisters projects - you will be a pro by the time your have your own little ones!

Pink Panda said...

Awesome! Can you come and re-do mine? It has ten years of spit up and other various stains on it! Maybe I'll do it myself with the help of your tutorial! How wide was your fabric?

Amber said...

I would totally do you chair for you if I were closer! It was a ton of work but turned out great :) The fabric was just the standard width of 45" and I used about three yard. So I would just pick any cute fabric you like and get 3yards of it. I used something that was just a little stiff,it made it easy to work with and after it was on the chair you didn't even notice. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Chantel said...

I LOVE it!

Chantel said...

And so does Michael :-)

Helena said...

You are so thoughtful and creative.