Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And The Pennies Go To....

I went to the Coin Star and the numbers are in! And the pennies go to....

Laurie Ann!
(aka Here Dwells Happiness)

That is right Laurie Ann, you are now the proud owner of a $5 gift card to Amazon or Itunes!

Your guess was 1,837 ($18.37) and the final number of pennies came in at 2,162 ($21.62)
So leave a comment and let me know, Itunes or Amazon!

If I could, I would give everyone who entered a consolation prize but unfortunately a penny will only stretch so far :) I could mail you all a penny but I have a thing about spending more on the postage then on the thing I am sending.

Thank you everyone who participated, you made getting 21 bucks worth it :)
Now don't feel too bad for me, I still have jars full of nickles, dimes and quarters that need to be cashed in when they get full. And I hear the silver coins are where the big bucks are :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

What Do You Think?

I have been saving for 4 years and finally my jar is full! So I was going to go and cash in my change at our local Coin Star the other day but then I had a great idea! I will put a picture on my blog of my penny jar and you guys get to guess how many pennies are in it! I know, fun right? But to make it even MORE fun I will give whoever is closest a $5 gift card to Amazon or iTunes (your choice!), courtesy of my massive amounts of pennies :)

So just leave a comment with how many you think there are (I want everyone reading this to enter!) and if you want to, tell me how you came up with your number or how awesome I am for saving so many pennies or anything that will make it so your comment is more than just a number :) Have fun and good luck!