Monday, August 31, 2009

Jump On It!

I get to blog about (at least to an extent) Chantel's bachelorette party! The first part of the party was completely tame, which means it is completely blogable!

(my sister Helena, my sister in-law Annie, my sister the bride Chantel and me!)

The party consisted of just 'the sisters' so it was filled with a lot of fun and a lot inside jokes: ) We blindfolded Chantel and then threw her in the car so we could take her to the surprise location for her bachlorett party. She was incredibly confused as to where we were going (partly because we tried to confuse her.... We kept giving 'hints' that MIGHT have been a little misleading) When we got to our destination we all had to sign waivers saying we wouldn't sue if we got hurt... (Chantel still didn't know where we were...) That is when she started to get a little concerned : )

We went to this awesome place called Jump On It, it was a warehouse sized building filled with connecting trampolines that you... well jumped on...

Little known fact-
It is really hard to get a good picture of people jumping...

Jumping is actuality a lot of work (Dancing too...) And a lot of fun too!

(Hilary the pink elephant And Chantel)

We had a great time and it was a wonderful way to start Chantel's bachelorette party!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And The Fun Begins

This past week has been a kind of crazy (My sister Chantel got married on the 21st and then my Dad was married on the 22nd) so I have a little catching up to do with my blogging!

At the beginning of last week JoAnn (the woman my Dad married) took Chantel and I for our first manicure and pedicure to get ready for the weddings! My Grandma Kaiser, Rachel (JoAnn's daughter in-law) Andrea (JoAnn's daughter) came too, we made it into a fun girls day/night out! I had Chantel and JoAnn wear 'bachelorett' sashes during our outing, it was a nice way to let everyone know they were getting married :)

After our day of pampering we all went out to dinner at Olive Garden, It was a really fun day and a great way to start off a hectic week.

(In case you were wondering what the awesome sashes had written on them-
JoAnn's said 'bachelorette and had little devils horns decorated all over it and Chantel's says 'caution bachelorette at play')

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Night To Remember

Chantel had her bridal shower last week on Saturday, it was really fun and she had a great turnout! I planned all of her games and everyone had a blast!

We started the party off with a good old fashion game of 'Pin the lingerie on the stick figure Bride' Everyone at the party designed their own paper lingerie... I provided them with feathers, pom poms, fake jewels and all sorts of fun stuff!

Helena pining her lingerie on the bride!

JoAnn and Annie's creation, they went all out! Because they had sort many pieces to their outfit, they decided it would be easier if they each took a few pieces and pined them on at the same time (I especially like the shoes)

Chantel (aka the bride)
This picture doesn't do her lingerie justice! The feathered top and jeweled bottom... It was awesome!

The winner of the game!
Mike's sister Mendy ended up pinning her lingerie on almost perfectly! It was impressive!

Chantel dancing in her cooking apron! The girls at he party then had to try and recall what utensils Chantel was wearing... After she was done dancing of course.

Chantel modeling her magazine wedding dress! I split everyone into three teams, the first did the top half of the dress, the second did the bottom and the third did all the accessories
The dress turned out great!
(the team that did the top half ended up wining)

I had a few more pictures I wanted to post but my Internet is being slow and is taking forever to upload my pictures... I have decided it is really not worth the wait (the pictures aren't THAT great!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cheesecake Factory

Last Friday Chantel had a cheesecake tasting party at the Cheesecake Factory! The happy couple (Chantel and Michael) have decided that they are going to have a 'wedding cheesecake' instead of a 'wedding cake' Michael is not a fan of regular cake, so this was their solution.

We ended up trying eight different pieces, these were no mere pieces either.... (they were huge!)

All of the cheesecake was really good and REALLY sweet! It was hard to taste them all because they were so rich but it was totally worth it : )