Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day at The Museum

Dave and I took David to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point yesterday. Dave and I have been re-watching the Jurassic Park movies and I felt like going and seeing some real dinosaurs! David has never been to that museum before, so we thought it would be fun to take him along. Turns out I was right and we had a blast!

Dave not getting the whole 'raptors are not friends' thing

The incredibly large sea turtle

If only he had looked behind him, he might still be here today...
A fun fact it that teeth they found from this thing were 7 inches long!

They look so casual for having a T-rex fight in the background

These sea creatures sure seem irritable

Dave and his new friend

for those of you who weren't sure David is fine and wasn't really attacked by the shark replica

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sexy Housewife

A few weeks ago Helena (my sister) had her bridal shower, this post is a little late… but I thought better late then never! As the Matron of Honor I felt the need to make sure all of the games were up to a high standard and I made sure they accomplished a few things-

1.They needed to make the bride look good

She had to answer questions about Kurt (the groom) and for every answer right she had to chew one piece of gum and for every answer wrong she had to chew two!

The finished product.....

2. They needed to help her with ideas for her wedding dress

The blushing brides!
(Joann and My Grandma Kaiser)

3. They needed to help her with her coking skills

She needed to make a cake without any measuring cups or recipe. Annie (sister in-law) put out a bunch of different ingredients on the counter for her to choose from, some of them you would normally put in a cake…. Helena took the ‘safe’ way about it and just put everything in her ‘cake batter’ butter spray, vinegar, different types of oil, you know the usual stuff.

The cake turnout a little dense… after trying to decide what to do with it, we settled on turning it into a penalty for losing a game! You lose a game you eat a piece of ‘cake’

4. They also needed to showcase how giving she is

Toss the wedding bouquet is a great way to not only practice sharing but it also helps with getting out pent up aggression!
(My Grandma Kaiser ended up winning, but Helena did make it to the final three)

The bridal shower turned out really well and everyone had a lot of fun, I would post pictures of Helena opening her gifts but the theme of the shower was Sexy Housewife and the gifts followed that theme : ) I don’t think she would want those pictures posted!