Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Never Win Anything

So like most people I was not blessed with the gift of winning things, I'm not talking about games (heck I'm good at that... usually) but giveaways and things like that. I'm okay with it, sure I would like to get free stuff but I don't get too hung up. Well my luck changed (sort of... and only temporarily)

Victoria's Secret was giving away a free 'mystery gift card' with any purchase a few weeks ago. It was guaranteed that your card would have at least $10! But it could have $50, $100 or $500 also, so I bought one $2 thing with free shipping and had Dave buy me one $2 thing with free shipping (it was one card per person), it was a sure win for me! So then I waited for my cards to come in the mail, the only way to find out how much money was on them was to buy something, so as soon as they came, I rushed to Victoria's Secret to get my free stuff! I decided to just use one of the cards (you can't stack them) and get a free body spray, they are around $9 so it would be completely free! I picked out my purchases and went to pay, the sales lady tried to sell me on some extra stuff but I held my ground and handed her my card. As soon as I did, the whole demeanor of the sales lady changed and it was not nice!

Evil sales lady 'Umm... okay. Well I don't have a bag so...'
'Sure, I can just take it...'
Evil sales lady 'okay... well, here is your card...'
'is the card empty now?'
Evil sales lady
'... there is like a couple of cents on it...'
Me 'okay, well thank you'

Some how I was less of a costumer for using their promotion... I was so taken aback that I wasn't myself and just took it! I left the mall holding a bottle of love spell in one hand, coming up with all these clever things I could have said. After I get home I went to throw away my mostly empty card, when I got curious as to how many cents was left on the card. So I looked on the receipt to see if it said, it did... There was $40 left on it! I had gotten one of the $50 mystery cards! I was so excited but there was no way I was going to go back to that Victoria's Secret. So a few days later I got up courage and we headed to a different Victoria's Secret. This time I was ready, no one was going to berate me or treat me like I was somehow less of a costumer. I browsed and took my time, everyone was helpful and nice but the real test was when I went to checkout, as the lady rung up my total I braced myself

Check out lady 'that will be $41.99'
I handed her my card, her face changed...
Check out lady 'Wow! did you know how much is on here!?'
Was she mad...?
Check out lady '$40! That is so exciting!'
Wait, she was excited for me?

I explained to her my other experience and how I knew the amount of money that was on the card, she was horrified and my faith in Victoria's Secret was restored. When all was said and done I got $60 worth of free Victoria's Secret merchandise (with my two mystery cards) and a interesting story to tell :)