Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The State Fair

A few weeks ago Dave and I went with my family to the State Fair in Salt Lake City. It has become a tradition and we have gone for the past three years, we always get wristbands and go on as many rides as we possibly can! This was the first year my sister Helena did not come with us :( She got married and moved out of state (we missed you Helena!)

(Mike is Chantel's husband, Chantel is my younger sister, Evan is David's friend and David is my little brother)

Dave and I went on this spinning ride with Mike, Chantel, Evan and David (Evan and David are in the cup to the right, in the back of the picture). I took this when we were all spinning, we happened to matched up perfectly so I ended up getting a shot with everyone in it (is that impressive or what?)

David and Even on the octopus ride, this was the first time Evan would go on it. David has been trying to get him to ride 'the octopus' since we started going to the fair and finally his persistence paid off!

This is the 'super shot' it was about six stories high... And for some reason my family thought it would be fun to go on... I did not agree, so I took the pictures instead : )

My uncle Ron, My Dad and Jimmy (my older brother)
This is them on their way up, they looked thrilled...

This is David (you can't really see him because he got cut off in this picture), Mike and Chantel dropping down from the ride. I am so glad I got a picture that captured their expressions!

And this is right after the ride ended (you can see David better now), they seemed to have enjoy themselves!

We all had a great time, though everyone did get really sunburned.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bachelorette party!

JoAnn's bachelorette party (the party was on the 21st, so I am a little behind...)was a big hit! Helena, Annie and I threw it right after Chantel's wedding (I know you are thinking "what are you crazy!?! Right after Chantel's the wedding... But the day is crazy enough as it is!" and it is true, the day was crazy, but JoAnn and my Dad were getting married the next morning and it was the only time to do it!)

After Chantel's wedding was over the 'girls' (Helena, Annie and I) kidnapped JoAnn and we went and had a fun little party. We kept it low key and made sure it was not too long (we all had a long day!) A few other people were able to make it too (one of them was Joann's Close friend of thirty years!)

Annie made this awesome cake for the party. Everyone had a great time!

So the 'girls' kidnapped JoAnn and the 'guys' (Dave, David, Kurt and Jimmy) kidnapped my Dad and took him to play laser tag for his bachelor party! They met up with a few other guys too (a few of my Dad's close friends) and played for a while, they were going to play a half hour game but after it was over they decided to play for another half hour (I guess that means it was a hit!) Dad and JoAnn were really excited that we threw them the parties, they weren't expecting anything and even though it was late everyone had a blast!

The picture is of the guys getting back from their game, everyone was ready for bed by the end of all the festivities!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Bride

Chantel looked so wonderful on her wedding day! I just had to post a picture (this picture doesn't even do her justice!) this was taken in the brides room right before Chantel and Mike's reception.

Fun fact-
Because the reception center just opened, Chantel and Mike were the first people ever have their reception there!